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The first time I sat down with Mopar expert Todd Savage to talk about “Rolled-tona” – a ‘69 Charger Daytona once-rolled-into-a-ditch, now undergoing restoration at Jeff Cabot’s shop near Hamilton, Ontario – I had to double-check when he said the owner walked away from the accident.


“In a car rom 1969? He walked away from a roll-over?” I’d seen the photos from the crash before, but when he brought them up on his laptop screen in Jeff’s office, yeah, I was sort of dumb-founded.

It didn’t take long for me, while putting together the story on Rolled-tona’s restoration, to wonder what role the 24-inch-tall wing might’ve played in saving the life of then-owner Rick Noble, and saving the car from the scrap heap.


I worked the notion the spoiler may worked like a roll bar into my lede, mentioned it in my opening grafs, and then thought, “I should really double-check with Todd exactly how outrageous this thought is.”

To my surprise, he emailed back: “I would suggest to you that the solid-center wing [Noble’s car was one of five with a solid instead of hollow aluminum spoiler center section] definitely saved Rick’s life and the car from sustaining severe damage.”


Well, there you go. Lede, opening graf, and now a neat headline to hang the whole thing on: wing cars save lives.

The whole story is over on, as is a gallery of how Jeff Cabot restores cars to OE specs.

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