Illustration for article titled Size Matters: Why This Toronto Nut Mini-ed a Mini and Built a Drivable 14-Foot-Tall Cow

Jeff Gardner of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is, to make an understatement, an interesting guy.

He rocks an awesome heated garage man-cave; knows – or at the very least has rubbed shoulders with – several Hollywood celebrities; and owns some 25 cars, including eight Corvettes.


His favourite toy is a 1300-cc 1972 Mini Cooper convertible that, as he likes to put it, "has had some plastic surgery done." 'Round some 20 years ago, Jeff yanked the rear seats and shortened the frame, turning it into what he claims is the world's smallest roadster and what is definitely the cutest Cooper you've seen.

A few years ago he took it on a cross-country tour from Toronto to Los Angeles – yeah, it's street-legal, and does more than 80 mph, he says – with the goal of "making people happy." It's during this tour he came up with the inspiration for his other new favourite ride: a 14-foot-tall mobile cow-slash-ice cream truck.

Videography and editing courtesy the incredible Graeme Jenvey of Dark Car Films; interview and research by yours truly. Check out our YouTube channel, 4GuysInACar, for some behind-the-scenes footage.


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