I've a slightly eerie feeling because my brother was riding on that very same Breezy with that very same pilot about a half-hour before the crash. (He was giving tours over the airfield throughout the day.)

Condolences to Jim's family.
» 8/02/14 9:27am 8/02/14 9:27am

I (vaguely) remember getting my wisdom teeth taken out three years ago. To be honest what I remember was sitting in the chair and them putting me under; snippets of the dentist office lobby; then fully waking up to find myself at home playing Forza Motorsports 4 (and winning, despite some double vision). » 9/27/13 2:56pm 9/27/13 2:56pm

King likes cars, no doubt, but I sometimes wonder how deep his passion for/knowledge of the subject goes.

For instance, the Buick from From a Buick 8 has four portholes on one side of the hood and three on the other (one of several kooky touches on one very weird car). Now is that just a kooky touch? Or did King know… » 9/17/13 2:27pm 9/17/13 2:27pm

My photographer and I were piloting a golf cart when we caught behind the parked-in-the-road best-of-show-winning 1928 Isotta-Fraschini at the inaugural Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance yesterday. Does that count?

It's cool, though; we went around him and parked, too, and when we both got rolling used the opportunity… » 9/15/13 8:54pm 9/15/13 8:54pm

�� "The LeMons racing series/
Has seen some strange things/
But the strangest thing yet/
Was a plane without wings.

"Once as a plane/
It played in the stars/
But now on the ground/
It's the king of $500 cars.

"Spirit of LeMons—"�� » 9/03/13 10:02am 9/03/13 10:02am

My '71 Scamp has these, part of the A01 Light Package option. I thought they were neat, but people unfamiliar with old cars really get a kick out of them when I take them for a drive.

A colleague of mine learned on a '72, and said her family called them "puh-dunks," for the noise they made. » 9/02/13 6:11pm 9/02/13 6:11pm